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Top Ten Staging Tips when Preparing for a Real Estate Photoshoot.

Updated: Feb 27

Click here for a downloadable PDF of this guide

Prepping a home for real estate listing photos and showings can be an overwhelming task, and while hiring a professional photographer gives you an edge up in attracting the right buyers, the small details in your listing photos can have a huge impact on the number of potential buyers who click on a listing and show interest in your home.

Over the years we've learned a few tips on what works, so we created a handy list that we provide to realtors and homeowners with some of our top recommendations for presenting your property at it's very best.

Overall think.... Simple. Clean. Well lit. And Uncluttered.

1. Turn on all lights, ceiling fixtures and tabletop, and replace bad bulbs in every lamp.

2. Turn off all ceiling fans.

3. Clear items and clutter from all countertops including kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms with exception of a vase, bowl of fruit or candle.

4. Clear the refrigerator doors of all magnets, photos and personal items.

5. Remove soap, shampoo bottles, toothbrushes, and cleaning items from the shower/bathtub, and bathroom counter-tops.

6. Make sure all window coverings are open and exterior shutters are removed.

7. Contain pets in one room for the time for the shoot. Remove all pet bowls, toys, and accessories.

8. Remove dish towels, floor mats, and bath towels unless they are color-coordinated.

9. Coil hoses, put away tools, cleaning supplies. Stow trash and recycle bins.

10. Arrange patio furniture as you would like it photographed. Open umbrellas and stage table areas. BONUS TIP!

11. Remove vehicles from the driveway for aerial and final exterior photos.

Click here for a downloadable PDF of this guide.

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